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Is there a brilliant site for challenging?

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    hello everybody and im very happy to join this site and thank the sir moderators of this great site . if there is a special site that all we join throuth the assignments or exams such as tick the right answers and if we get wrong the computer corrects our mistakes and i tried that site it was very good with 20 questions with it if there is onother one at least 45 questions it will bery very good

    im from sultanate of oman and studing at college for informatinn technology and hope to gain a diploma certifite
    im a level one nhd level student for semester one and i have to complete two onehalf a year to accces other semesters which the last semester will be the fourth.in diploma a people can work and help together but in bacholar the person has to do him self
    after diploma i would like to take bacholar degree and i heard that it will be hard because of mathmatics related to other programs ,so if there is any sites that we can challange one another similar to yahoo games and addition to that the supervisor corrects the mistakes and show the correct how it should be which will be very brirrliant and we also can see how many scores we gained? :smile:
    i remember a long time ago that there is a cartidge of a computer called msx and it shows the way not only sayying it is wrong but showing the laws or steps how to do it
    yours abdalla
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