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Homework Help: Is there a formula to understand the performance of a motor

  1. Sep 13, 2009 #1
    Good evening all.

    My question is related to the performance of an electric motor.

    I am a student in engineering and I just started thinking about this. I have a great idea I need help developing.
    I would like to know particularly if there is some sort of a formula or graph that helps me understand the performance of this electric motor. By performance I mean how much power does the motor need to generate in order to apply a force to an object that ways x amount of kilograms for a certain amount of time. I mean moving this object a certain distance during a certain amount of time assuming we do have friction involved. Explicitly, if there is such relation how can I find how to calculate it? There are 3 variables involved time it will need to perform this action, power it will need to generate to perform this action and the amount of weight to be acted upon. Please, if there are any questions please comment on my post I will further explain.
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