Is there a physicsforum chat room?

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In summary, there is a chat room available on Sundays for all members, but on other days it is only open to Gold Members. This information was provided in response to a question about finding a chat room on the forums.
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Sorry if this is a silly question (I searched to no avail!), but there are mentions throughout the forums of a chat room, open on Sundays. I'd love to hop on and be able to chat, I'd honestly rather like it to be open any time, but that's a different story!

I'm trying to cut Facebook out of my life, and spend my rare social time meeting and conversing with other people more interested in science than cats, any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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Hi Carl, chat is open for all members on Sundays only

Chat is open only to Gold Members (contributors/supporters) on other days.
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1. What is a physicsforum chat room?

A physicsforum chat room is an online platform where scientists, researchers, and enthusiasts can engage in real-time discussions about various topics related to physics. It allows users to interact with each other, share resources, and collaborate on projects.

2. Is there a fee to use the physicsforum chat room?

No, the physicsforum chat room is free to use. It is a public forum that does not require any payment or subscription.

3. How do I join the physicsforum chat room?

To join the physicsforum chat room, simply go to the website and click on the chat room link. You will be directed to the chat room where you can create a username and start participating in discussions.

4. Can I remain anonymous in the physicsforum chat room?

Yes, you can choose to remain anonymous in the physicsforum chat room by creating a username that does not reveal your identity. However, please note that the chat room has community guidelines that prohibit any form of harassment or inappropriate behavior.

5. Are there moderators in the physicsforum chat room?

Yes, there are moderators in the physicsforum chat room who ensure that the discussions remain respectful and on-topic. They also have the authority to remove any users who violate the community guidelines.