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Is there a physiological explanation for having to pee?

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    I've noticed that when I have been thinking about some problem for a while and finally have a good insight, I immediately have the urge to pee. Has anyone heard of this before? Is there a physiological explanation?
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    Math Is Hard

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    because you've been sitting there sufficiently long enough for urine to build up in your bladder, but you haven't been paying attention to it because you've been distracted with the business of solving a particular problem. Once you come up with a solution, your mind returns to other things you've been putting off, like bodily functions. That's all I can figure.
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    That makes sense, especially if you're like me and drink lots of coffee while working ;) Do you actually end up having a full enough bladder, or do you just get the urge to urinate without excreting the usual amount of urine?
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    You know, I bet that's exactly what it is. But to answer honestrosewater's question, it often just seems to be more urge than anything. If I have several good ideas in a short time interval (rare), I feel the need to urinate each time, so I usually do. I also drink coffee when I work, but not excessively. At least not enough that I would actually need to go that much. Thanks for the serious answers, even though the subject is kinda funny. :smile:
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    Another possibility is that, when your inspiration hits, you become more active, even if you are sitting. You body will reflect the excitement of the your mind in this respect.

    This will put pressure on your bladder and cause you to notice it where you hadn't when sitting still.
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