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Is there a quick and easy way to watermark my images?

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    Let's say I have a webpage, and I want to use it to post information concerning my research. Is there a quick and easy way to watermark my images?

    Perhaps I'm using the wrong terminology, but what I mean to say is: is there an easy way to make it so that my images can only be viewed in the context of my webpage (ie they cannot be copied and reused in someone else's documents)?

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    There's no way to prevent your images being copied... if someone can see it, they can save it and use it themselves.

    What you can do is what the programs Sensei suggested do -- put a stamp or mark on your image, so it's clearly marked as your property; then they have to crop/edit that out, which is a pain.

    Watermarking per se in computer terms usually refers to a more or less invisible stamp on an image, audio, etc file. You can use this to identify your images without changing their look; while it won't stop anyone from taking them, it would help you win, say, prove the other person pirated them in court. Not sure how good or circumventable the technology for this is right now.
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    Try this site.


    Has some java that prevents right clicks on images and some other stuff too I think. Probably won't stop someone who is really determined and can't stop someone from doing a screenshot, but I think it's what you're after.

    Raavin :wink:
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    Thanks for the information people.

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