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Is there a science or other field of study that makes experts on Energy issues?

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    Currently there are clear indications that there is a strong case for a phenomenon of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak_oil" [Broken].

    1. The International Energy Egency, who was traditionally very conservative about it (and still is), recently admitted that it occured in 2006 for conventional sources


    2. The Wikileaks operation recently revealed that Saudi Arabia has much lower reserves than claimed


    These findings are pointing to clear indications that the global economy may be slowing down since 2008, precisely because energy - which produces goods, which helps produce goods, which helps transfer goods, which fertilizes the land, which helps cultivate the land etc. - is directly responsible for the crisis when its prices are too high.

    However, there appears to be a general confusion on the processes that create such phenomena. There appear to be only vague references by physicists on conservation of energy, on needs to use energy to translate to "work", etc. but few details, and most importantly not a coherent structure of the framework that goes from energy sources to our pocket.

    So, is there such a field? And if not, does it have to be established?
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    It's called energy studies and is done at Oxford, Cornell, MIT, and probably lots more. Just Google it.
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    the limits to growth is at least a sub-discipline of many fields...


    And for the energy equation in particular check out researchers like Charlie Hall...


    For peak oil information clearing houses...

    http://www.theoildrum.com/ [Broken]
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