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Is there a Scientific explanation to the Weirdest thing I saw today?

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    I was sitting in my kitchen this morning at 8:10am eating breakfast with my mom and sister present in the room when a glowing yellow & orange light appeared directly over the counter table across the room for no more than 2sec. At this same instance our electric garage door started going haywire trying to open and the garage light kicked on of course because it was activate somehow. I spend the entire day at work researching for an explanation for this light which was like no other (It had no source – it was like looking at a lamp bulb turned on in the middle of a room.) Some of my research suggest it was a natural Plasmoid but all I could find on that topic for pics and vids was kids putting fireworks in a microwave lighting a candle to create something of the sort.
    What I do not understand is:
    1. How did this light thing get in and penetrate a hurricane proof tinted window and show no source, beam, or cast any shadows or light on the wall?
    2. Why did it activate my garage door? (What if no one was home and the door opens)
    3. Why was there a 2 second buzz sound with all this?
    4. What caused this whole thing? (It was just an overcast morning, No rain, storms, lighting)
    Just a reminder that this was not a reflection or laser light from outside like a plane, car or person because I know clearly I saw a light glowing originating from no other then from within shining outward. I immediately scanned the area for anything abnormal, checked outside looked for an signs of what had occurred but after that everything was perfectly normal.
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    Funny, someone else made an identical post to this awhile back.
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    I saw that but this is a little different but so true and freaking me out. I'm a computer techy guy and don't care about sci that much until now. It looks like I found something new to research in life.
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    Clearly, this may be a generalized phenomenon which is an emergent property of the living quarters of people.
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    This is got to be the most bizarre thing I have ever witness. It is like unexplainable. Words cannot describe the sight and because it is such an instant like a blink of the eye how can anyone physically capture or imagine the unseen. I have thought of every scenario even down to the inner building matter of the walls and window, the surroundings in and out, pressure, atmospherics, natural gases that form, interference, electronics, magnetic and so on. …
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    It was magic.
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    A wizard did it.
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/f/f7/Xena_Simpsons.jpg/220px-Xena_Simpsons.jpg [Broken]
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    I'll take your word that you're not "putting us on." But to get any more ideas we'll need more information: Where do you live? What was the weather at the time? Did your Mother and sister see the same thing? Tell us how they described it. Do you have any other siblings who were around? What did they see/hear at the time?

    Could you post a photo of the area where you saw this light? From the point of view of where you witnessed it? Or at least tell us what was over/under or near the table where you saw it.
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    I can understand that people must think I’m insane out of my mind – I would too if I heard this but it seems like I’m not the only one that has had something of the sort. I’m a college educate individual, I live in south Florida and it was just an overcast morning with some rain prior in the early morning but the rest of the day was very sunny. My mom and sister who witness the whole think were on the way to school – they didn’t know what to think but told me FPL the power company was in the area working. There was no explosions or bright flashing light from the outside like a lighting effect. I was sitting at the table about 10 feet away from the counter directly across from me. The only thing over the counter was cabinets and to the right a stove and the window. Sorry I don’t have any pictures- I don’t know how to post one.
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    But you got some?
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    Do you have any electric outlets near where you saw the flash? I'm thinking something more generalized, like a power surge or short circuit...something that was arcing perhaps.
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    Re: The very odd light

    There is one outlet but nothing plugged in or running except a fridge and clock. It was not a flash but a glow (not a big one or huge one) The glowing light was about 1 foot by 6in but round. The best way to describe it is like looking at a light bulb TURNed On free standing and not a beam like a flash light laser or anything that indicates it came from outside or any household appliance. It shined just like that from the inside out... Thanks for you help
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    I've heard of this happening in people's homes before. My grandfather claimed that there was once one in his house. Supposedly it floated down the hallway at about chest height before eventually grounding and disappearing.

    The researchers in the article have apparently produced ball lightening (plasmoids) in the lab by creating 'silicon vapor'. The lab plasmoids were of a size comparable to what you witnessed, lasted approximately the same amount of time, and produced a hissing noise (maybe similar to the 'buzz' that you heard).
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    That's it, I'm tearing down my garage.
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    I have heard of ball lightning before over aircraft and on ships (St. Elmo's Fire) but never it happening just inside someones kitchen. The fact that the garage door started function shows that it is electrically related. Some key facts we need to know to further help you is your location, whether conditions for that day, and the age of your house.
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    I knew a girl who had a one of those touch lamps that you can touch anywhere and they turn on and off. Every night about the same time it would turn on or off. Turned out, according to her, that some cop was driving by every night and shooting his radar gun through her window. Is it possible to turn on one of those lamps with a radar gun?
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    Ball lightening (plasmoids) are electricity related. As the article I linked shows small plasmoids can be made in the lab so why not by accident in a persons home? High voltage in contact with silicon creating 'silicon vapor' is apparently about all you need.
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    But how could a ball lightening (plasmoids) occur inside a house?? That is more common outside in bad weather conditions not in my kitchen. If it were a real ball lightening it would burn anything it touched and like I said there was no evidence that the thing ever occurred
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