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Is there a theory of "time as a wavefront"?

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    OK, I made up the name "time as a wavefront" and I don't know that it really fits.
    But I had this thought recently and I wonder whether/where/how it fits into modern physics theory.
    An inertial body in motion through the three spacial dimensions retains it's motion.
    Consider all of the universe as in constant velocity motion along the fourth dimensional time axis.
    Consider that time has no "length" in its direction of travel, so "the present" exists as a "wavefront".
    This seems to have some general alignment with micro and macro visions of physics.
    The movements of massive bodies are predictable due to a high "time momentum".
    The actions of quantum particles are unpredictable due to near zero "time momentum".

    Obviously, this is not a complete or even well considered theory.
    Just some vague thoughts that probably aren't even self-consistent.
    Is anything about this familiar to anyone?
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    It's great that you are thinking about this stuff, and I hope it leads you on to learn more and discover more. In the words of Richard Feynman, 'it's fun to think about.' Unfortunately you posted this question in the New Member introduction forum and it will probably soon be moved or deleted by a moderator as per the guidelines. So, read the guidelines! Especially the ones on 'personal theories.' And then find the appropriate forum for your thoughts. Okay?
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    So much for my credibility.
    I'll see if I can find the correct place to post this.
    Thanks for advising me.
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    Oh, don't talk like that. Your credibility is still in tact. At least as far as I'm concerned. :-)
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    Also, but sure you read the part of the rules forbidding personal theories.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Having now browsed the rules, it appears that this might not be the correct web site for my question.
    I'm not actually trying to propose or promote any theory.
    I'm just seeking some guidance on whether this perspective is reflected by any accepted theories.
    I have no expectation that I've come up with an original idea, so I assume that it either exists somewhere, or it's complete nonsense.
    The only possible place I see to post this question is in the PF Lounge - General Discussion.
    Would that be appropriate?
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    I think that it amounts to a personal theory which, as you have gathered, is probably best explored on some other forum but I hope you'll stick around here to discuss accepted science.

    If you do post it in the general discussion forum make sure to be clear that you are not trying to promote any alternative theories but only to understand how your way of thinking about it fits in with accepted science. Even that may not be enough to keep the thread from being closed but I don't think it will get you banned.

    One thing to keep in mind is that this is the best Physics forum in English anywhere in the world and it is that way because the moderators do a great, but unpaid, job so try to avoid making more work for them.
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    General discussion is not for discussions of actual science, it is for discussions of hobbies, jokes, things of general interest. All of the Forum Rules apply there and there are some additional rules that are Pinned at the top, several sub-forums have additional rules pinned at the top so always be sure to check for them before posting.
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    I discovered this forum when a link popped up in a random Google search.
    Then I stumbled blindly into it like a bull into a china shop, breaking crystal clear rules with abandon.
    Even after I was alerted to the rules, I jumped into the next room and broke the same rule again.
    I didn't enter the General Discussion section until after I had posted the question about it.
    I immediately found that it reinforced the same ban on speculative theories.
    My sincere apologies.
    After contemplating my poor manners, I came to understand how distracting this behavior must have been at some point, to evolve such rules.
    It makes perfect sense.

    I've started to browse a few conversations and was tempted to enter a response to one, until I noticed that it took place in 2012.
    Time-travel is one of my favorite science fiction themes, but I think I'll look for some more current conversations.
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