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Is there a type of brake caliper where the sides connect through HUB?

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    Most brake calipers sit on the edge of a wheel and connect to each other in some sort of "U" like shape, hugging the edge to clamp it.

    I have a need for a brake caliper whose sides connect right through the point of rotation, though, not around the side. My device I dreamed up in my head and an idea of the situation can be seen in this image:


    The two halves stay together when the brake is disengaged even without the spring under tension at all. That just allows you to create a little stiffness by default so the bars don't flop around if you don't want. But the brake truly freezes the motion.

    Is there a common, available part I could just purchase that does this sort of thing? Or is this a weird need that I would need to machine my own part for?
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