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Is there a way to appear smarter?

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    a friend is asking. suggest some things he could do? any books he should read, or people he should associate with, or just general ideas? thanks
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    If that is what he/she wants, I can say thet there is no chance for him/her.

    I am sorry...! (j/k)
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    Wear a lot of black and gray and always carry at least one book by Jean Paul Sartre.
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    join PF. and then cheat on an IQ test
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    I have been trying for a long time, and it just don't work, mix with the people
    you like, the only way you can crib is to be a back scratcher :yuck:
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    man, you're not funny. some say that chess improves your mind, but he finds it hard to believe. nobody recognizes you for chess, unless you are a master, at least. what about literature?
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    wow. ive seen this book mentioned before. do people really read philosophy books with such a purpose?? is there something about Sartre, as opposed to other philosophers, that makes him more of an intellectual? i've never seen anybody read such books in real life, i thought smart people just read historical novels or about art.
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    he once worked with a wise old man, a ph.d. that man constantly talked about literature and about culture. i thought it was very beneficial for the young lad, he should've taken advantage of the situation and continued keeping in touch wiht the man after the summer job was over, but he was too immature.
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    What gave the idea to read Sartre? And do you use in daily conversation anything that was provided in the book?
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    His plays are delightful and his prose is pretty intense. Great reads. His expository writing, however - the philosophy books - are the most pretentious you'll ever read. Getting through Being and Nothingness is like swimming through wet cement that solidifies halfway through. There are more pretentious books out there - Finnegan's Wake comes to mind - but everyone knows Sartre.
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    I wouldn't say I use anything borrowed from Sartre in daily conversation, but there are hints of No Exit and The Wall in many of my own writings (fictional writings).
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    If someone carries a large book around everywhere and reads it from time to time, that makes them appear smart :/

    But if you mean in a conversation? Well, tell your friend to use strictly SAT vocab :D
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    damn, a writer and a physicist. i should just quit trying.
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    since i havent read any of his books, i dont know what to take of this. but i read one of Maugham's. And i wonder if it's vastly different from Maugham, because there i am actually reading an interesting story. I dont think i could fathom reading just about some wall.
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    tell your friend he/she should just remain quiet. :approve:

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    SAT vocab is pretty lame. It's not the vocabulary but what you say. He is just too wordy and often contradicts himself and is often judjemental and rude and annoying, which makes all the girls run away from him.
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    he does that a lot. but a man can't be mute throughout his life, must learn to express himself
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    Ha, I'm not a physicist. I don't even remember how I found this place any more, but it wasn't because of an interest in physics.

    And The Wall is a damn good story. It's not about a wall. It's about a guy during the Spanish Civil war who is about to be put to death by firing squad. It chronicles the last several hours of his life, mostly what is going through his mind. You'll never read anything more intense.
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    you do know there are different kinds of remaining quiet, do you ?

    1) the 'err i do not get it' style
    2) the 'feeww, this is too easy' style
    3) the 'whatever ...' style
    4) the 'i hope they do not talk to me' style
    5) the 'ooooii, she is hot' style (this one require sunglasses, if you wanna be perfectly safe :wink: )

    I suggest a combination of nrs 2 and 3, 5 is an option depending on your 'in situ' hormonal condition. :wink:

    Each number corresponds to a facial expression that i would like to demonstrate to you, but unfortunately, my webcam is on strike :grumpy:

  21. Aug 10, 2005 #20
    I would agree with marlon-- the less talking you do, the better. Let the fools speak; the person with reserve, who deliberates before speaking, generally has the upper hand in a conversation.

    The best way to appear smarter is to be smarter. Which means one should always be learning, and to tie in with my first sentence, one can't learn very well while running at the mouth. :rolleyes:
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