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Is there a why ?

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    Is there a "why"?

    Please comment on my argument that "why" and "what" may not be valid questions:

    > My reference to the basic laws of nature, together with physical constants, simply raises the question of why?

    Who says there must be a _why_?

    > Probability aside, an inner voice calls out important questions: Why are we here? What is on the other side?

    Agreed. However, I think they may be fallacious questions. Consider that such questions as why... and what... are premised on causality, which is premised on the existence of space/time itself. Whether one assumes the existence of a supernatural creator, or just sticks to cosmology/cosmogony, we have to bear in mind (IMHO) that space/time are constructs that apply only within our universe, only after its creation. Presuming space/time does not exist outside our universe (although it may exist in other universes) questions such as "why is it here", "why are we here", "what's outside", "where did it come from", etc. likely aren't valid questions; they make no sense outside of a space/time continuum that underpins the very concept of causality.
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    Re: Is there a "why"?

    If you know the question may be fallacious then why do you ask?
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