Is there a word?

  1. I need a noun that means 'one who is omnipotent' that doesn't have any religious connections. (so not 'god')

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    You can use omnipotent as a noun (don't believe me?). If you don't want it to mean God, I wouldn't capitalize it. If that doesn't sound right, you could say omnipotent being. I don't know of another word meaning omnipotent, sorry.
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  4. omnipotenter.

    no one:s gonna say it is incorrect, just *we don:t understand*, but you still understand.
  5. First time I saw it, i thought it was impotent and someone just made a typo on that for fun
  6. Fascinating.
  7. Evo

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    I found "cunctipotent", but it's an adjective. (just thought I'd post it as word of the day) :wink:

    Cunc*tip"o*tent (k?nk-t?p"?-tent), a. [L. cunctipotens; cunctus all + potens powerful.] All-powerful; omnipotent. [R] God cunctipotent." Neale (Trans. Rhythm of St. Bernard).
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    Wow, that's one ugly word. Where does cuncti- come from? Is it Spanish? :confused: Oh, whoops, didn't see the little etymology entry there. Heh.
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  9. Evo

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    It is rather awful, isn't it?
  10. I hope it does not come from connecticut,the uni. where Moonbear is Prof. :biggrin:
  11. honestrosewater

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    Yeah, it stinks. Rather skunktipotent, if you will. :biggrin: Go ahead, groan...
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    I groaned a lot.
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