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Is there an x such that e^x = 0?

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    i have a question. :uhh:

    e^x =0
    is this possible, and for what values of x if so.?
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    If you understand the idea of limits you can say that e^x approaches 0 as x approaches negative infinity

    [tex]\lim_{\substack{x \rightarrow - \infty\\}} e^x = 0 [/tex]

    The larger and larger negative numbers you get for x, the closer and closer to zero you will get for e^x. But you can never actually get 0.

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    For more help, you can draw the graph of [itex]e^x[/itex] , the graph is an increasing function and which approaches zero and -infinity, but never equals zero.

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    yes i see. thank-you for your help.
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