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Homework Help: Is there any possibility

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    hi all i develop two types of wasps:
    1)Muscidifurax raptor
    2)Spalangia cameroni
    and now i have a real problem with Spider Mites(Phytoseiidae).
    i see them mostly after 3-5 days after the wasps emerge from the fly pupa.
    so there is any possibility to kill the Spider Mites but not to harm the wasps?
    maybe to do something when the new wasps are inside the pupa?

    also there is any good way to try to avoid from the Spider Mites?

    i really need some help here.

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    It seems to me you would be more likely to get an answer if you put the question is a MUCH more appropriate place in the forum. Specifically, instead of burying it in the homework section of "other sciences", put it in BIOLOGY where it likely belongs.
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    well "other sciences" including also Biology.

    i not found here specific forum about Biology.

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    OH sorry there is a specific forum about Biology here,so i will ask there.

    thank you. :)
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