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Is there any research into the possability the universe is a fractal function?

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    if so, that prooves that the universe can be created with out any inteligent design (does not say the universe was not created with an inteligent design, God could have designed it to be fractal)

    it further prooves that if the universe is a fractal function, then no Divine action has taken place since any divine action would imediatly destroy the fracticality.

    so ultimatly, I think that mathmaticly, one can proove certain hypothosies about the creation of the universe and its evolution based on if a fractal function can be found that describes the universe. (of course the lack of fractal design and evolution does not imply Inteligent design and evolution)
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    You sound to have read of Descartes' clockwork universe. Recall that quantum mechanics is linear (nonfractal) by postulate, and that general relativity, though evidently nonlinear, is considered so only nonlocally(?) However, quasi-fractal patterns may develop on a classical level, even though true fractals require singularity.
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    so, if Quantum theory says the universe is a linear function, then there is no way to prove that the universe was not intelligently designed or that a divine power can not have interacted with events in the universe.

    that is very ironic...

    physics, the science whose mission it is to discover all there is about the universe, dictates that it is impossible to disprove Creationism mathematically. in-fact, it is mathematically permissive to the notion that an intelligence outside the universe could have created it and could have/might interact with it.

    again, by no means does the lack of fracticality (yeah I know it is not a word) prove creationism, or any other such divine activities, but it sure as heck allows for the possibility.
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    At least, as with all physics, fractal dynamics can neither prove nor disprove a belief in a "highest intelligence."
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    well, yes that is true, but a fractaly based universe allows for there to be no intelligent design involved in the evolution of the universe...which is what my point was. of course, that does not say that the hypothetical designer did not create the universe to be run by fractal based systems of evolution.

    but then it is all moot since QT says the universe is a linear function.
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    No - unless you can form a fractal pattern from a simple binary question.

    Chaos may prevail but it is left to the electron or photon to decide, using a six dimensional dice.
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    To talk about fractal, you also need to talk about probability, random number generator, stochastic processes, and fractional dimension, self-similarity, etc. These are some of the unique properties of fractals.

    The dynamic of fractal is obviously nonlinear but it's not chaotic. It is complexity in its highest level of existence.
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    Read about Linde's self-reproducing inflationary universe. It models the universe very similar to a fractal
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