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Is there any room in this world for female Lancelots?

  1. Aug 7, 2003 #1
    Would a woman ever be a man's knight in shining armor?

    In my opinion, the answer is simply no. I'm not saying that women are not capable of being heroic, but I am saying that I genuinely disbelieve any man would allow himself to think of a women as being his rescuer. I believe the penis tends to get in the way of such thinking.

    Please discuss.

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    I believe it's already occuring in a sense. Nowadays there are many "Mr. moms" who stay and home and take care of the kids due to situational needs, while wife goes out and brings home the bacon. If you mean in a more literal, physical, Mrs Indiana Jones way, then you're right. It's hard to bucks millions of years of evolution where men are the hunters and gatherers and women clean the cave. Society is changing to a more equal society in terms of male/female, but we're still a male dominated society in general. Women still like like to be "saved" and men are still ultimately the caregivers. There are exceptions to this rule, as with anything.

    The bottom line is that men atre trained not to appear "weak" to other males, and to the females. Ya, our penises get in the way. But then you have women asking for "strong men", yet "sensitive men" who can chop down a tree, yet cry at a sad movie. Yet then they say it's "too much" if he's too sensitive. I think this is another case of women not know what they want for themselves. Deep down they still want to be saved- can't fight genetics:wink:
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    It is known to me that that is "Just an expression", but why?

    Never in my life have I found my "penis in the way" other then when I have been 'zipping my fly shut', without proper placement.

    My penis has never run my thinking, never made a decision for me, never spoken a word actually, and I have never had it decide anything in my life. (other then the direction the Urine travels?)

    Why is this expression used?

    EDIT Yes, I do think that there is room!
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    It's a euphamism for male tendencies to make decisions based on hormones, or to in this case, to be too "macho" to let a woman make him appear weak. It's exactly as I described in my previous post.
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    i have to agree with entropy on this one...most men won't succomb to a woman saving him, however as the saying goes:

    behind every good man is a greater woman...
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    That's debatable. A more accurate phrase could be "behind every good man, there's a woman with a greater agenda" :wink:

    Not saying every woman has an agenda, but there are few who sacrifice a great deal solely for the benefit of someone else. There's always a side benefit or ulterior motive involved.
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    How about a mountain climber in peril?
    Suppose an experienced female climber risked her own life and saved a male climber from a deadly fall, would the man forget his penis long enough to think about how she saved his nuts?
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    I tend to look upon it more socially, but I think muscles is more accurate than penis. Muscles makes us independent and able to protect and hunt. And in emergency situations we will always(usually) be the stronger one. So in this knight in shining armour will maybe never mostly be the woman ideal.
    But I think we will see more of the same stereotype protective strong woman in the future, but simply using other metaphors. As we see already, more a woman that shows her strong feminine looks. i.e. Strong willed, mysterious, smart.
    Of course, probably going to devellop in a way that's hard to see now.
    But still, from what I feel inside, is that women in shining armour is mostly being prevented by social hangups. Sometimes women can be strong, and nothing should be wrong about one human being the 'caretaker'.
    Personally I think strong women are really sexy :)

    The crisis of man has already started. In our society the social skills are crucial(credit to woman), and strength hardly matters(loss to man). Maybe this isn't such a big change in the direct aspects, as it is in how the society change much faster than people do individually with their ideas on personalities.
    When we grow old I think we're deemed to see large changes. But I think it will be for the better, I'm really optimistic that women will rule much more than they are doing now.
    Not the least they are 50% of the population, but I think their broad intelligence, experience with children and social aspects is gonna give us some cool credit!
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  10. Aug 8, 2003 #9

    I have never heard that phrase. The one I have heard is

    Behind every successful man is a good woman

    This to me implies dependable, willing to make tea, and clean the house, and push the man forward. This phrase developed in previous times when women were less independant.
  11. Aug 8, 2003 #10
    I think she meant it as a joke :wink:
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    Re: Re: Is there any room in this world for female Lancelots?

    Well, certainly would be grateful that she saved your life. But the real question is do you consider her to be your knight in shining armor? When you look at her, are you thinking I have a great deal of respect for that strong woman, or are you thinking my hero, I wanna have like 1000 of her babies?

    For that matter, let us address another question. Do women consider men to be their knight in shining armor these days? As women are becoming more financially independent, I think that it is less likely that this situation occurs. I know that when I look for girlfriends, I always try to find girls who stand strong on their own. That way, I won't have to feel so bad when I ditch them for a younger, hotter girl.

  13. Aug 8, 2003 #12
    No, I think the phrase goes like this.

    Behind every successful man is a good woman, and behind every good woman is a great @ss!

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    like the last two posts eNtRoPy...... (Humorous, the second one)

    Hows about "beside ever good man/woman, there is a good woman/man, they stand together". HUH?

    If I needed rescuing I wouldn't really be concerned about what sex the person executing the rescue was, would be grateful just to have it occur.

    Nothing wrong with a strong woman, as long as it (the practises) are sorta held by the same criteria of self discipline, and self control.
  15. Aug 8, 2003 #14
    Re: Re: Re: Is there any room in this world for female Lancelots?

    Hmmm, well now that you made me think about it I guess that I don't really understand what a knight in shining armor is. I have a rather vague idea involving a tower and dragon but I'm not sure even what a living man would have to do to make a woman think of him in this way. If it's a money thing where the man takes care of her I'd call that a sugar daddy. If the man beats up any other man caught looking at her I'd call him an insecure neanderthal. If the man is just her good friend then I'd say good friends can be either male or female...so it's not clear to me what a knight in shining armor actually is.

    It might depend on what she looked like. Some of those female bodybuilders are kinda tempting...
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