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Is there any software

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    Is there any software which solve question of calculus and difffenc. step by step instead of showing just answer.
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    Hi there,

    Don't know of any software, but I know of a hardware. It's called a "calculator".

    Take your equation, and step by step type in the numbers you need to sum. You will the result of every step.

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    thanks good you are rite :cool:
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    Wolfram Alpha can now show possible steps of differentiation and antidifferentiation.
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    I also know a software called Microsoft Math 3.0. It's a mind blowing thing by Microsoft specially for students. I do very interesting things and its very unfriendly. It dont show steps but give answer very accurately.

    Download Link:


    dont forget to see the images of MS math 3.0
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    Best computer for such tasks I know of is called "brain".
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