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Is there anybody Interested in Geo-Magnetic Propulsion?

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    Hello, I am a new member here. I graduated from Myanmar Aerospace Engineering University,majoring in Propulsion and Flight Vehicles. I am really interested in Geomagnetic Propulsion . So I expect to meet with a person who has been doing research professionally in this area, or any student who has the same interest in this field. So we might get improve and share our knowledge and theories. I have been thinking about this Geomagnetic Propulsion since my Student life. Now I am so glad to find this community. I hope I might get some advice and sharing concerning with this field from my respectable members here. Cause I want to do research in this field one day..
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    Hello! And welcome.
    Have you done any preliminary calculations?
    I just checked, and it appears that there has been little interest in Geomagnetic Propulsion, here in the past.
    I too have always been interested in this subject, but somewhere in the back of my head, I had a feeling it would not work, so I never performed the calculations. This is why I've asked if you have done any yet.
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    See our Aerospace Engineering forum, if you haven't found it yet already:

    https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/aerospace-engineering.187/ [Broken]
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    That was the thread I was referring to when I said; "little interest".
    I liked Danger's comment: "fridge magnets all over the planet would be leaping into space constantly".
    Of course, I went to my refrigerator, and looked at my fleet of Bucky Cubes.
    I didn't pull any off, to see if physics had changed yesterday, but it did get my mind thinking about the problem.
    But after about 60 seconds, I decided to wait for the OP to come back, and present his or her data.

    I think my Bucky cubes have a magnetic flux at the poles of around 1 tesla, and electrically generated, multiple tesla level machines are quite large. I thought that maybe some new nano-wire-technology might allow bazillions of wraps of wire and create enough force to actually lift something off the ground.

    I see it as a mathematical recreation. Kind of like the "Magnets on bumpers" thread. It was quite fun, IMHO. And I learned a bit.
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    This isn't appropriate for this forum, this is "introductions only", please start a thread in the proper forum if you wish to continue this.
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