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Is there anybody listening? - Queensryche

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    science, hence humanity, will be no longer if the 'CrN" gets their way

    Yes, how are we going to settle space without as all the anti-space space expansion guys have been saying for decades now dragging our trash out with us?

    Especially, when guys like the center for responsible nanotechnology plans on not allowing anybody out in space because molecular nanotechnology is such a powerfull technology. Even when they post about brain reading technology and somebody(not me this time) says that's a direct arguement against their global united government to prevent anybody from ever thinking again, their responce is zilch.

    As Jacob Bronowski says, "everyone is so anxious to make everybody act right, but that we should not question." Sure, they question, but they only question what they want, they only take the facts that suit them.

    I don't totally dislike their 'system of three ethics', but there's no reason why their can't be more than one; in fact, billions all reaching throughout the galaxy and cosmos to secure humanities future(to secure humanities future, you need to reach at least the width of this galaxy to prevent supernova and gamma-ray bursters from taking out a whole side of a galaxy).

    With their Bill Joy love afair, they've denied what is special and important for our human survival - science and technology. The anti-dynamic spirituality of the evolution of science and humanity is playing vagueness games over at the center for responsible nanotechnology for the static spirituality of irrationalism as evidence from their use of language to kill thought. They've demonized and threatened to attack anybody who develops their own molecular nanotechnology as the bad people while embracing Bill Joy's irrationality mongering to save his ass like people looking around them when asked a question to know what the socially correct resonce is instead of the truth . . . hence evil prospers in this world.
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    What exactly are you trying to say? And what does it have to do with Queensryche?
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    A snippet from an acid trip maybe?
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    Chi Meson

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    Certainly it was with Queensryche that the Seattle-based "Sub-pop" genre with their intent on solidifying their stranglehold on the thinking man's game of ubersurvivalship, in the first place never even considering their effect on the plastic facade inherent to marble-brained, movie sountrack, Warner-Electra-Asylum era overproduced bandwagon fauna, while expecting only the simple respect they deserved in the face of the thrashing throngs of Northwest punk metal inhabitants of the new mind of freedom...

    what was the question?
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    I get it.

    The wish to hurt, the momentary intoxication with pain, is the loophole through which the pervert climbs into the minds of ordinary men.

    Mabe not.
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    Okay, when I first read this thread, I thought it was maybe just me, but since nobody else seems to know what it's about either, I'm locking it.
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