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Is there gravity in the process of falling body?

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    Is there gravity in the process of falling body?

    The answer is not.

    Galileo demonstrated that the acceleration of falling body is not concerned with mass, volume and chemical elements. This is Galileo phenomenon. Newton and Einstein attempted to use their theory, gravity law or general relativity to explain Galileo phenomenon, but it is not perfect. All physics know this.

    All physics also know that many phenomena can not clarified by Newton’s gravity law. For example, Newton’s law of gravity can only perfectly explain why tides occur on the side nearest to it, but not on the other side.

    In fact, there is not necessary relation between the phenomenon of falling object and Newton’s law of gravity.

    We need a new time-space theory.

    Reference: THING AND ITS LAW (ISBN 1-58939-525-5), chapter 2: timedistance and timecurvature (the active and passive motion of time-space) and chapter 5: natural force(the duality of time-space and energy)published by Virtualbookworm.com publishing Inc
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    Einstein preceded your thought experiment by 97 years.

    This discovery (November 1907) is known as the "happiest moment" of Einstein's endeavors to understand the simplicity of nature.

    The outcome is the Principle of Equivalence of his general theory of relativity.

    The equivalence is the inertial mass as that found in Newton's 2nd law of motion and the gravitational mass in Newton's law of universal gravitation.

    Until now nobody knows the reason why these masses should be equivalent. They are just found to be equivalent by Einstein. He did not gave any good explanation.
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