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Is there gravity?

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    Is there gravity? Reply #3 quote:

    There is not gravity.

    Some one may think that it is laughable.

    According to three zone theory, The center and central zone of a sphere time-space, for example, the earth's time-space, is a absolute contraction zone. The middle zone is relatively a weak contraction zone. In the above two zone, the contraction or centripetal motion of time-space curvature is dominant.

    With the motion of curvature, a body is moved from the law curvature surface to the high. However, the body self does not move actively. It is moved with the motion of curvature, as if it is on a balloon that is gradually shrinking. An observer who takes the center of the earth as a reference feels that the body is falling down.

    Reference:THING AND ITS LAW (ISBN 1-58939-525-5), chapter 2: timedistance and timecurvature (the active and passive motion of time-space) and chapter 5: natural force(the durality of time-space and energy)published by Virtualbookworm.com publishing Inc.
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