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Is there really such a thing as TIME?

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    I mean... what is time.. can someone explain to me how it works =-/... if you are going very fast.. then it means time is slowing down right... I mean.. time IS slowing down in an airplane.. so basically.. becuase you are going super fast.. time slows down so it takes less time to your destination as opposed to running somewhere...

    but.... how come ...

    so does that mean that if you are going very slow.. time speeds up....?

    is there like a middle time where.. if you go fast.. it slows down.. and if you almost stop.. it speeds up?
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    I hope so! Else I'm going to return all those clocks and get a refund! :P
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    Yeah. It's a magazine.

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    And you're handsome too. :biggrin:
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    LOL you know.. I thought about Time the magazine when I made this post.. but I didnt htink anyone in this forum would post smartass response like that =-P
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    Ooops, sorry, always expect a smartass response.

    But you did pose a serious question...sorry, back on topic? :smile:
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    Sorry, I just couldn't resist... ;)

    Besides, serious discussions about time go in a different forum, no?

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    heh no problem... I guess I should have posted in the physics forum.. but I dont know.. it could be just a general discussion..
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