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Is there such a formula

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    Everyone keeps telling me I am writing this formula down wrong but it is one my teacher gave to figure out....am I wrong and what formula name is it???


    Also not sure what chemical formula for these two are any help would be great

    1. Chlorhydric acid
    2. Iodhydric acid
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    It is suppose to be Mg3(PO4)2. Notice the 4 instead of 5. There is no such thing as the acids you mentioned. I think you mean Hydrochloric and Hydroiodic acids, they are HCl and HI
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    You shud write the 2 molecules in their ion form, it will help you to write the formula out right: Mg+2 + PO4^3- = Mg3(PO4)2, use the criss-cross rule especially when working with polyatomic ions. Also, the there are only 2 forms PO4^3- and PO4^2-.

    Those acids are just common industry names for HCl and HI.

    Hope this helps :)
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    ok Thanks for your help
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