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Is there such a place where ppl can practice AP stuff?

  1. Apr 6, 2008 #1
    I thinking of practicing AP Calc BC stuff somewhere on a forum where there is a thread that ppl post problems in and other members answer, kind of like testing each other, explaining, etc.

    If there isn't, and if I could make such a thread here, where would I be able to make this thread?

    Thank you
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    Just one single thread where a member can ask a question, another answers, then original member confirms the answer. A game, basically.
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    Doc Al

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    AP practice thread

    Here's an idea that might work. Create a thread in the appropriate Homework Help forum (title it "AP Calc practice problems", if you like) where people can take turns posting their favorite (or trickiest) AP-like problems along with their solution or attempted solution. Then others can chime in with corrections or tips. Then someone else can post a different problem. And so on...

    What would not be acceptable is to just post a problem for someone else to answer--that's against our rules. (Please review our posting rules, which are linked at the top of every page, and the Homework Help FAQ.)
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    Gotcha. Made a thread over at collegeconfidential. They've got threads like this sprouting everytime before AP tests, thought I'd start one :D

    Thanks all
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