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Is there such thing as

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    a girl being out of your league?

    Usually when I get coffee I will drive through Dutch Bros or Star Bucks. I started driving through a different coffee branch known as BR coffee. One day I pulled up to the window, only seeing a gorgeous smile and the most beautiful blue eyes I have seen in my life time. No joke either!

    Usually when you see a beautiful woman you think to yourself she is pretty or hot or whatever, right? Do you feel anything different. When I see this girl the hairs on the back of my neck stick up and I feel small chills throughout my body. She is very cute! On a side note, I love to get to know her, but the chances are very slim..

    Anyways, though I think she is out of my league.=/ It's difficult to get to know her because she seems shy. It's hard to have a conversation when you are sitting in your vehicle when they're making your coffee.

    How can I get to know her?
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    I don't know about out of your league, but occasionally you will find people you simply have no realistic chance of even getting to talk to. A girl at a drive-up? I'd forget about it unless they also have walk-in service and you can try to talk to her there.
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    They kind of have a walk in service. You can walk around to the other side of the hut and take your order instead of going through the drive through.
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    She's shy?? Out of your league?? You assume too much there Watson.

    Then a conversation when she is not making a coffee is in the works. Mention to her that she seems very interesting and you definitely would like to get to know her better. Ask her what time she gets off work and tell you will pick her up right after to have a nice conversation since it is so difficult at the wicket. Ask her what type of movie she would like because you would like to see the new "..pick a movie..." Be friendly and act as if you have known her all your life. Some things are worth pursuing and for you this is maybe one of them since you hairs gave that way.
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    Have you asked her out or anything? If not, then she isn't out of your league yet.
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    The only people out of your league are the people who choose to be, and you don't want to get involved with them anyways. You could always just ask for her number or something.
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    There's no such thing as a girl out of my league.

    I think this is a bad idea. Try and have an actual, real conversation with her first, based on something specific to her. Does she seem upset? especially happy? does she have a tattoo you recognize? Something you can talk to her about that is beyond 'nice eyes'. Telling her she seems interesting without having an interesting conversation beforehand is lazy and she will immediately see you as another flesh-hungry guy. Show her you think she is interesting by being interested in her. You don't have to ask her out right away either. Feel free to have a few conversations to get her comfortable with you (and you her.)

    Also, don't take her to see a movie. Especially if you go with the interesting bit. 'Oh yeah I think you are totally interesting, lets go sit in the dark and not talk for two hours.' No. She will not buy that. Something more along the lines of 'hey I know this great little cafe, want to grab some lunch together?' shows you actually WANT to keep talking to her. A movie is much better for a second or third date, after you discuss what kinds of movies she likes in a natural conversation rather then a ham fisted 'tell me what you like okay lets go see the movie I like.'

    if there doesn't seem to be anything you can talk to her about, she may be out of your grasp. that's less to do with leagues and more to do with the specific situation though.
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    We actually had a second conversation of the year. Haha We had a small conversation about school, supposedly she is at a local university near my home town.

    It's kind of difficult to have a long conversation with her when there is a line of cars behind me waiting to order their coffee... It's going to be a slow process trying to get to know her better.

    BTW thanks for the input.
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