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Is therte any one who wants to chat about my problems with youngs 2 slit experiment ?

  1. Jul 8, 2009 #1
    is there any one who wants to chat about it ? iv tried once here and got not 1 reply,
    not even the YOU HAVE DONE IT WRONG
    please if you think im wrong say so and have a chat,
    youngs experiment was to do with light nothing more right or wrong ?
    iv brought over 15 cheap lasers and broke most stripping them down cheapest was £1 laser level from pound shops,but shouldnt be a isue righ or wrong ?
    i when i did the experiment and see the banding patterns i thought if you rotate the slit you should get same resolt as i did so it seemed to projuce a set of ever bigger rings not straight lines,
    i then relised that you didnt have to shine the laser through the slit to see the patteren just shine laser dot on to wall and look throught ur slit,i then broke a laser and ended up with the spring loaded lens (all iv stripped down so far have a sprung loaded lens,to ajust the focas)removed and then relised that with out the lens the experiment didnt work,
    i then noticed that if you looked through the slit close to ur eye that you could see faint lines so many and so faint it is to hard to count at least 7,
    iv put a video on youtube showing how to make a 2 slit out of a floppy disk if any one is intrested in looking for there selves
    i shined the laser with out a lens through a macro mesh filter can get one from grinder or coffie filter and see that you got bands going inward at first it looked as if the mesh patteren was showing up inside every macro square hole in the mesh but it isnt i even shined laser through the eye of a needel and you can dee banding going inwards of the eye not banding going out wards iv got video of that as well the eye of the needel is projected on to my ceeling and looks at least 12 in lengh 8 feet from laser
    i would like some one to chat about this and not have every one just read it thanks kev
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  3. Jul 8, 2009 #2
    Re: is therte any one who wants to chat about my problems with youngs 2 slit experime

    Hello kevinfrOst.Another way to make the slits is get a small piece of, glass or something similar(a microscope slide would be ideal),paint it black and then using a very sharp blade make your two slits by scraping off the paint.If you so wished you could extend this to investigate three slits ,four slits etc.It is true that Youngs experiment was originally to do with light but interference and diffraction are properties displayed by all waves
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