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Is this a fossil?

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    Hi everyone,

    These pictures were taken by a friend of mine in Toronto, Cananda, and he doesn't know what it is.
    Any ideas?


    Best regards,
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    Some nautiloid perhaps?
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    Would be my guess too. Some of those crevices go really deep though hmm that might be the inside of the shells. Thats pretty cool :smile:
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    Wheel tracks from the time-travelling rover?
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    Now why would you go post that here? Now we have to kill everyone that reads that message...

    Ok everyone, if you read Daves message just leave a message with your address and the time-police shall be over shortly.
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    If you see a "roll of dimes", it is very likely a bunch of crinoid stalks.
    But it looks like there's a tube running down the centre, which suggests perhaps Ammonite.

    Where did he find hem?

    Ammonites are primarily Devonian, and this area is largely Cambrian Shield so, if he found them near Toronto, more likely they're Crinoids.
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    I wonder if they are crystal on the inside, they may be a type of coral.
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