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Is this a good schedule?

  1. Oct 15, 2012 #1
    Would this be a manageable schedule?

    Elementary Number Theory

    Real Analysis 2

    Stochastic Processes

    Design and Analysis of Experiment (statistics course)

    and an upper level elective (haven't decided on one yet).

    I'm a math major and minor in statistics.
    Any input is appreciated.

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    I'm going to give you the same advice I give everyone regarding schedules:

    Make a spreadsheet, write in the 7 day of the week and 24 hours of the day. Fill in the time slot for the classes, next schedule reasonable amount of study, next schedule reasonable amount of time for relaxing (hobbies, movies, games, etc), next schedule family time (I have a family so that is separate from relaxing so feel free to merge with relaxing), check that you have enough time for sleep.

    If it all fits, then it's managable. Oh yes also don't forgot to actually write in eating times, may seem minor but cooking, going to pick up food, etc end up eating at least an hour from your day. If you find that it's hard to put all this in your schedule or you end up sacrificing 'down time' or underestimating study time, then it's probably too much.
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