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Is this a good schedule?

  1. Dec 12, 2015 #1
    Sets and Logic
    Introduction to Modern Physics
    Mechanics 1
    Theory of Knowledge
    Introduction to Biological Anthropology
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    I'd skip the mechanics.
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    You've listed five courses, which in my experience looks to be a fairly standard course load, but I have no idea what you're background is, the details of those courses at your school and your additional workload. Some general questions or thoughts that might help you assess something like this yourself...
    1. How do the number of credit hours compare to what is standard at your school? A standard course load should give you enough time to adequately complete assignments, study the material, balance a part-time job and extra-curricular activities and still be social, if you are organized.
    2. What other demands do you have on your time? Do you need to work more than six hours per week at a part-time job? Do you have dependents to look after?
    3. Do you take more time to learn things than most students?
    4. Is there any evidence that any of those courses require more than a standard amount of time to complete?
    5. Of those courses, which ones are you genuinely interested in, and which ones are you taking simply because they are required?
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