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Stargazing Is This A Good Telescope ?

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    I Am Looking At A Meade Ds-2130at Goto I Don't Know Anything About Telescopes It Will Be My First Please Help If This Is Not A Good One What Should I Look For
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    Do not buy a telescope without having tried some out, because everybody has a different definition of "good" and at this point you have no frame of reference. Find an astronomy club near you, join, ask questions, and attend at least a couple of star-parties. You may end up wanting a small high-quality refractor on an equatorial mount, a larger Newtonian on a simple alt-azimuth mount to get the most light-gathering power for the buck, or maybe a Schmidt-Cassegrain. At this point, you don't know what you want, so spending money on a telescope is ill-advised. Do your homework first.
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    Thank You, But I've Had No Luck Findind A Astronomy Club Where I Live ???
    Where Do I Look
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    Tell us where you live, and we'll help.

    - Warren
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    Ditto. I'll dig around and help steer you to a club. If you're interested in observational astronomy (and perhaps astrophotography, eventually), you have to get some guidance and experience what it's like to look through scopes of various apertures and focal lengths to see what appeals to you. You also need to experience the operation of various mounts, and learn what kind of storage/transportation requirements are associated with the 'scopes/mounts that you are most drawn to.

    Lots of observational astronomers/astrophotographers are gear-monkeys, and they are looking to diversify/upgrade/buy/sell, so a local club would be the ideal place to hook up with someone that has some great used gear to sell. The best part of this situation is that you get to try before you buy, instead of spending money on something that you will quickly outgrow or lose interest in.
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