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Is this a hypothetical question?

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    Is this a hypothetical question?
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    It's not. How would you test it?
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    Perhaps that is what the OP is doing; a standardized test among a cross section of PF users?

    I'm still undecided on the issue.
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    Does there not need to be a declared hypothesis in the question for it to be hypothetical?
    It may be a test for another hypothetical question that has not been asked.
    hypothetically that is...
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    Perhaps the OP wrote the question wrong. It might actually be "This is a hypothetical question?". That would definitively change things around. I agree that a hypothetical question needs to include some kind of hypothesis in it to in fact, be defined a a hypothetical question.

    However, is such a statement hypothetical in itself as well? Or does it represent the mainstream knowledge on the concept?
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