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Is this a Meson?

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    There has been news lately on Ds3*(2860)ˉ from the CERN LHC of spin3 particles made from quarks. One example at http://news.yahoo.com/exotic-particle-could-help-explain-holds-matter-together-111405002.html

    The article says: " The Ds3* particle is made of one charm antiquark and one strange quark." and later refers to it as a Meson which would normally only be spin0 or spin1.

    Do they mean it has only these two quarks or that it contains these two quarks and maybe more? A bit confused...
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    It is a meson with non-zero orbital angular momentum. Thus, the total spin of the two quarks plus the orbital angular momentum can add up to three without involving more quarks.
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    0 and 1 are just more frequent. There is nothing wrong with higher numbers for short-living particles.
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