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Is this a mistake in Steven Weiberg's QFT II textbook?

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    I guess it should be my mistake somewhere. o:)

    On Page 30, for the derivation of EQ. (15.7.19), the nilpotency of BRST operator on the ghost for gauge transformation,

    [tex]\delta _{\theta}s\omega_\alpha &=& - \frac{1}{2}C_{\alpha\beta\gamma}\delta_\theta(\omega_\beta\omega_\gamma)
    &=&\frac{1}{4}\theta (C_{\alpha\beta\gamma}C_{\beta\delta\epsilon}\omega_\delta\omega_\epsilon\omega_\gamma ++ C_{\alpha\beta\gamma}C_{\gamma\delta\epsilon}\omega_\beta\omega_\delta\omega_\epsilon)=...

    The plus "++" above, I suppose it should be "-" considering [tex]\omega[/tex] is an anticommuting ghost and the BRST operator is odd and acting from left. Steven also mentioned this in the paragraph below Eq. (15.7.19).

    Did I miss any point here? Since then we would not have nilpotency of BRST operator on the ghost.
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