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Is this a pyramid scheme?

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    i know this is a physics forum.. but i'm more or less used to spam in the 'General Discussion' forum at most boards.. so..

    somebody introduced me to this new 'project', where I could get a laptop for Rs. 10,000 [a kind of laptop which normally would cost me Rs. 35,000]. I was directed to this site: http://sharpbestbuy.com/files/h_busplan.asp [Broken]

    After reading it and especially noting the fact that I need to introduce 2 new members to it myself.. i'm thinking this is some sort of a pyramid scheme. Either ways, even if i get a laptop for ONLY Rs. 10,000 and I don't care about getting my money back [because it's a huge discount anyways].. is this a safe scheme to get into?

    One thing that really makes me thing that this is a scam is that the site's logo is a total rip of Best Buy. But then, that's ok.. because it couldn't have been done with the intention of fooling people.. because most people here don't know what Best Buy is.. and graphic label imitation is rampant here.

    I couldn't really understand if there were any hidden surprises at the points enlisted on the page mentioned above..

    any guidance is appreciated.. :D
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    This seems like the great pyramid of pyramid schemes. I'd stay away.
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    Research more about that company on the internet, try to find someone you trust who has done some business with that company, read the legal policy on their website........

    To be on the safer side, go to a computer store and get your laptop.
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    I'd say it's a pyramid scheme for sure.
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    I would not trust any site that infringes upon the trademarks of other businesses.

    It would seem to be a pyramid scheme.
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    any scheme that requires you to bring in other people is generally some variant of a pyramid scheme
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    Try looking up the laptop on other sites and see how low you can get it, like CDW or Tigerdirect. What are "Rs." sorry I'm being lazy and don't wanna research it.
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    it's the currency of india [rupees].
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    Yes, that would make sense. Hey everyone, question, why are most of the Asian currencies in such small increments? Like Yen, Rupees, etc.
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    increments? do u mean 'foreign exchange rates'? Well.. if u do mean that.. i'm not sure about the Yen.. but India is still economically developing. However.. forex rates are quite blown here.. like.. 40Rs. in india fetch a lot more than what 1$ would fetch in U.S. Big Mac index says that around 1$ fetches in U.S. what 20Rs. fetch in India..
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