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Is this a realistic goal ?

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    Ok , so I have to finish a classical electrodynamics book ASAP... I absolutely hate it when I have to study with a deadline, but that's how it goes. Here's the book:


    Here's my question :

    Is it realistic to set myself the goal of finishing this book in 2 months? (problems and everything) ?
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    Obviously, it depends on how much else you will be doing during the time period. The book has 500 pages, so you would need to read an average of 8 and a half pages a day for 60 days. This doesn't seem too stringent to me. However, you must also do the problems and I can't say how long that will take.
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    Insufficient data for us to say: without knowing how hard you are going to find the problems in the book as well as an understanding of how ease of problems relates to time taken to solve it's impossible to say how long it will take you to finish this book.

    However if your tutor has set you this task then obviously they expect you to be able to do it, if you think they are a good judge of both your capabilities and the difficulty of the book then yes it is likely a realistic goal.
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    Well, here's the catch, I self-study, that's the way I've been learning since I was in high school. I'm a graduate student now, and I feel I need to review some notions of Electrodynamics and learn others that I've skipped during my undergraduate years.
    This was basically a goal I set to myself, 2 months... The problems with setting goals of this sort is that you can estimate how long it will take to cover the theory, break it down into daily bits and pieces, but you can never estimate how long it takes to solve the problems :( And I still need to hit the 2 month mark, since I've got to learn something else from then on.
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