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Is this allowed in PF

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    A user posts a question in the forum. I asked him to post his solution. He PMs me and asks whether he could PM his solution to me. Is this allowed.


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    Of course, that's fine. Whatever you do with another user via PM is no one's business but yours.

    - Warren
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    *plots evil things with PMs*


    Sorry, i just couldn't help myself.
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    We have enough evil things with PMS. (no, I just couldn't resist the pun)
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    Doc Al

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    As Warren said, what you do via PM is up to you (up to a point :wink:). However I'm not too keen on giving private help via PM (except for very quick questions). This a forum, not a private tutoring service: I think all members should be able to profit from seeing solutions and subsequent discussions. That way we all learn.
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    Yeah I agree with Doc. If it is something good and could provide usefull to the rest of us, then you should post it. However, if you are like Franz, and you send out a bunch of sex related pms, then I would leave that between the two of you.
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