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Is this an ellipsoid?

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    Hi, everybody.

    Is this tank an ellipsoid? fueltank.jpg If not, what shape is it?
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    The question is kinda of important and isn't a homework thing. I'm trying to determine the volume of the remaining fuel in a tank like this by the height of the fuel remaining. I need to find out for work.
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    The image hasn't been approved yet. You can see it but no one else can.
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    Silly me
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    That is not an ellipsoid, that is a cylinder with semispherical ends.

    It breaks down to the volume of a semi-filled cylinder of length L and radius R plus the volume of a semi-filled sphere of radius R.

    Uh ... I went looking for the relevant formulae but ended up finding a calculator that does precisely what you want:


    Be careful with your numbers:
    - you're asked for the radius which is only half the diameter of the tank
    - you're asked for the length of only the straight part
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