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    F = -0.2662*x^6 + 48.19*x^5 - 3424.2*x^4 + 121708*x^3 - 2*e^6*x^2 + 2*e^7*x - 6*e^7;
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    As mentioned in your other thread, ##\lim_{x\rightarrow\pm\infty}F(x)=-\infty##. So ##F## is sometimes (you could even say way more often than not) negative. Since a sum of squares is always nonnegative, your polynomial is not a sum of squares.
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    thank you sir, so what do you think is this type of equation?
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    Well, first off the thing that (I think) you're asking me about is a function, not an equation. Secondly, I would characterize it as a polynomial of degree six.

    Edit: I would also characterize this polynomial as apparently not being particularly well-suited for examination by analytic means.
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