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Is this calculus?

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    "That which has no thickness cannot be piled up; yet it is a thousand mile in dimension."
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    Is that your genius there or are you quoting someone else, oahz?
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    From nothing arises that which we most seek, yet from everything comes our deepest despairs of infinite magnitude.

    This is calculus.
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    I don't know, oahz, you can pile up a limit. I can take a few dx's and add them together. Do they have a thickness? Technically, yes. But I can add an infinite amount of them and get a very finite and, if I want, a very small volume. So what does that mean?
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    quoting someone else
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    True, but remember: "Only He who draws a line without thickness or breadth is capable of seeing the glory of the manifold kingdom"
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    It is not money that you desire, but the capability of conquering the infinite.
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    "x squared over two plus a constant"

    Now that's calculus
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    Ah, this is the purest essence of what lies within calculus. If only more were keen towards this philosophy as we are.
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    Philosophy for the masses is like gold for the pigs.
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    Is that some derivative aphorism of "throwing pearls before swine?"
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    Yet the accumulation of gold upon pigs has turned swine into men.

    And calculus.
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    Alas, he is but a man who throws diamonds in the infinite seas of wisdom. He never realized that the waters are made of vengeance and destruction.
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    The Vulcan Science Directorate has defined this as true.

    And, may I add - as a future relative of mine once will have learned again after having his Katra risen from beyond:
    Live long and prosper, Earthlings!
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    Yet the man who succumbs to the ever lustful embrace of those vengeful waters and drowns within its depths also becomes the wisest of us all.
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    Ye shalt also not forget what Marlowe said:

    (Still no idea what that means, but never mind....)
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    No words spoken were ever wiser than the foolish utterings of a young soldier dying in the war of love. It is only you, my friend, who suffers through the eternal fate of damnation and despair.
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    James Stewart might disagree. :biggrin:
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    But much as darkness cannot exist without the gleaning light of eternity, similarly would we be lost without the infinite contrast of ignorance and wisdom.
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    How did this thread turn into some wannabe poetry slam?
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    From the OP...
  23. Jun 5, 2013 #22
    Well, I think the OP fell on his own sword a while back...
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    It's a quantum phenomenon:

    [ontopic_here, sense] >= ℏ/2
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    There's about as much calculus in this thread as there is in all of quantum mechanics.
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    The Pool, of Dirac
    It swarms full of doubt
    Yet I shall reach my epoch
    While you fall victim to drought

    "Wannabe," that's me?
    I'm the purest form
    Of what we call poetry
    In no terms, am I the norm
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