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Divide using synthetic division (x^3-4x+1) / (x-5)

i got x^3 + 1^2 -9 Remainder: 46.

is it right?

Or is it 1x^3 - 9x^2 R: 46

i think your first answer is correct looking quickly becasue there is a place holder for the x^2 term resulting in 0


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What am I missing?

You are using synthitic division to divide a cubic by a linear term. Should not your result be a quadratic? None of the suggestions made so far are correct.
As integral said it is not right. Why don't you show your work?


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I might also point out that if you divide a polynomial, P(x), by the linear term x-a, the remainder is P(a). What do you get if you set x= 5 in
x3- 4x+ 1?

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