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Homework Help: Is this correct?

  1. Oct 21, 2006 #1
    Does anybody see a problem with this?

    Isolate for the variable given. Show all of your work.

    A = (B + C) / D
    isolate for C

    A = (B + C) / D

    A * D = B + C

    C = A * D – B

    Thanks for your help.. :)
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    Why that looks perfect.
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    Not trying to be stupid, but never forget to use the proper () if you put it in a calculator when it gets longer than this. It can drastically effect your answer. I found out the hard way a while ago... Just a heads up
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    Yeah, more than likely what steve said is your problem.

    Multiply each side by D, and subtract by B will always give you the correct equation for C if this is the previous formula..
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