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Courses Is this course possible?

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    I'm proposing an independent study for my school, and I was wondering if this course seems even possible to do. It follows the MIT 8.962 course, General Relativity, and the Calendar is virtually taken from their syllabus. It goes:

    Week 1
    Set up computer, familiarize with the text
    Week 2
    Geometric Viewpoint on Physics in Flat Spacetime: Vectors and Dual Vectors, Tensors;
    Special Relativity
    Week 3
    Geometric Viewpoint on Physics in Flat Spacetime: Energy and Momentum, Conserved Currents, Stress Energy Tensor;
    Transformation Law for Tensors
    Week 4
    Metric in a Curved Space;
    Orthonormal and Coordinate Bases; Derivatives; Tensor Densities; Differential Forms and Integration;
    Gauge/Coordinate Transformations
    Week 5
    Metric in a Curved Space (cont.);
    Orthonormal and Coordinate Bases; Derivatives; Tensor Densities; Differential Forms and Integration (cont.);
    Gauge/Coordinate Transformations (cont.)
    Week 6
    Connection and Curvature, Geodesics;
    Introduction to Curvature
    Week 7
    Curvature Continued: Geodesic Deviation, Bianchi Identity;
    Killing Vectors and Symmetries
    Week 8
    Einstein's Equation and Gravitation;
    Cosmological Constant;
    Hilbert Action
    Week 9
    Weak Field/Linearized General Relativity;
    Spacetime of an Isolated Weakly Gravitating Body
    Week 10
    Gravitational Waves
    Week 11
    Gravitational Lensing
    Week 12
    Distance Measures and Redshift;
    Our Universe
    Week 13
    Schwarzschild Solution;
    Birkhoff's Theorem, Metric of a Spherical "Star"
    Week 14
    Black Holes;
    Collapse to Black Hole; Orbits of a Black Hole;
    Kerr and Reissner-Nordstrom Solutions
    Week 15
    Advanced Topics and Current Research in General Relativity
    Week 16
    Use fragments of thesis and sew them together, choose and plan lecture
    Week 17
    Deliver lecture; Edit thesis
    Week 18
    Turn in peer-reviewed thesis

    The thesis will be probably 15-25 pages, and the lecture will be approximately 30 minutes long. I plan to meet with an advisor approximately every week, who will assess my knowledge of the topics I learned in the previous week. Does this seem possible? Also, I have DG under my belt, so the only math subject I'd be unfamiliar with would be tensor analysis.
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    how do you know dg but not tensor analysis? they're practically synonymous?
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    I'm more familiar with vectors and I've done some work in tensors but I feel I need more practice in it.
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