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Is this course rigorous enough?

  1. May 9, 2013 #1
    Well, to keep it short I'm thinking about going to a university near by. However after reading around on the internet it seems as though some think it's not so good at maths (which is what I'll be going to study.)

    I've looked online and found a sample of their past papers in the following courses:

    Real analysis
    Complex analysis
    Applied maths (called mathematical methods 4?)
    Algebraic number theory
    Geometry and topology
    Riemann Surfaces and Algebraic Curves
    Groups and Rings

    Now, if someone has the time - could you please send me a pm/post here and I'll send you the pdfs of the past papers so you can comment if it's "rigorous" enough, or if up to some standards.

    The reason I'm asking is because I'll be paying a lot to go the university and I really want to get the best possible education for my money, and hence don't want to go somewhere who have an easy course.

    thank you
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    I'm quite sure that every university will cover the general topics of each of those subjects and beyond that it would be subjective to the professor. It's an undergraduate math class; the gauge of whether a math department is "good" or not has to do with what kind of research is being produced from it and whether the professors in it are competent in their ability to relay theorems/definitions/examples to you... In sum, it's just undergrad and you're probably overthinking.
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    Whether something is rigorous enough depends on you. If you only depend on the math department and your classes for your education, then you might end up with too little knowledge (depending on the university). It is important for you to take education into your own hands and study extra outside the class.

    For example, my undergrad mathematics was pretty good. But some people nevertheless went beyond what they saw in the courses. Those are exactly the people who excelled in the classes and went on to a PhD program.
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    I thought you were in high school micromass. lol
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