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Is this doable?

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    Is this doable??

    Next year I'm taking organic, physical, analytical chemistry, modern physics, and calc3. I guess the only way I'll know is to actually do it and see if I can handle it but I wanted to ask you guys and see if you had any thoughts about it. Plus if you've been through this some tips and advice you can give me so I don't end up failing :(
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    Re: Is this doable??

    Only you know if you can handle it; not just because you are aware of your capabilities more than anyone here, but also because you know how these classes are at your school - we don't. That being said, organic chemistry seems to be alot of memorization and work; almost a weed out class for chem majors from what I've heard. I'm not sure about the other two. Modern physics (is this a bridge between lower level physics and upper level physics including topics from QM, etc?) is usually more interesting than it is hard, and cal III should give you no problem if you work some practice problems here and there, provided you know cal I. In a sentence, that course load will probably be a decent amount of work but definitely manageable.
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    Re: Is this doable??

    What Newtime said. It's doable. What you said minus the Modern Physics is what a 2nd year chem major would take at my school. It's a lot of work but if you don't get behind you should be alright.
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    Re: Is this doable??

    Chemistries will be the hardest. Modern different from school to school, & ever professor to professor. It seems everyone has a take on what is should be, but most of them don't seem to be too bad. Calc III is usually the easiest of the calculus sequence in my opinion. But yeah, like the others have said, only you know if it's doable or not. If you've had good grades up until now, I'd try it. If you have to, dropping a class isn't so bad if you absolutely have too.
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    Re: Is this doable??

    Ok thanks for the input guys, it really helps. And winowmak3r I'm aiming for a degree in chemistry hence the courses. Thanks again!
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