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Homework Help: Is this essay good enough?

what do you think of my paper

Poll closed Mar 8, 2004.
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  1. Feb 27, 2004 #1
    As an individual, I can define my self as determined, courageous, and full of energy. Not only to exercise but to accommodate learning. I can sometimes get raucous if a certain yoke is placed upon me. But normally, I’m very well civilized and eager to learn. I enjoy anything that has to do with recent technology or the life style of ancient people. My ability to learn and cooperate with others has earned me a certain degree of respect from others my age and even my educators. My qualities I can say are very well cataloged by attitude. There are some qualities I would like to see prosper and others wither. These affect my personality everyday and accompany me through singular tasks.
    A quality I posses that I am very proud off is my knack to come to a reasonable conclusion with a friend or stranger of whom I may have had verbal or even physical confrontation with. This quality I am very fond off because it helps me become very social with people who’ve wronged me or whom I feel ill will towards. It has also given me the chance to increase my social skills and grants me a highly esteemed persona. To carry out this unique quality, I foremost think about a certain time, date, and or situation in which a person has wronged or done animosity towards me and which I’ve shown a hint back at the particular individual. With this, I will find flaws I made and come up with a solution to that. Secondly, I will approach the person and calmly confront them about the way him/her offended me in a high state. And with this I will listen carefully to his/her part and come up with a reasonable conclusion of what I and the individual can both agree on. I can say for a fact that, this quality has helped my peers socially, because now they can use wise ideas to meet head-on their wrong doers instead of physical arguments of which my end in catastrophic casualties.
    For every success there is a certain flaw. My flaw is a quality which I do not despise but would like to see wither away from my habit. This quality is the way I judge people from first glance. An example is a person of a “sagged pant to the hip”, and with a hip pop style fashion as of a rapper. From my first impression I feel the person cannot be of any way associated with me because people of that dress-nature tend not to have good morals as shown on local music televisions. Sometimes these accusations are correct but the judgments which I bring towards them in my eyes are unethical. This I can say has really spread around most teens of my age and has become more popular. This characteristic I see as incorrect because the person may possess an urbane manner, good morals, or even an intellect surpassing our own understanding. But to overcome this nuisance I must first consider the following above and then maybe approach the individual and get to know them as I might a person of my own standards. And with this I may say this to anyone of which has this strict unethical reasoning that, “never judge a book by its cover”.
    With the above mentioned, I would like to conclude that my attitude, individuality, and persona may describe me in general as a person. I manage to keep up with the quality of which I enjoy the most and try to diminish the ones of which I would like to see perish.
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    What is the essay for? College application?
  4. Mar 8, 2004 #3

    its a highschool registration essay for a college level highschool [zz)]
  5. Mar 9, 2004 #4
    Are we supposed to judge the essay by age?
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