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Medical Is this for real?

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    Jackie Broyles and Dunlop do comedy skits that I find hilarious. However the skit about scars showed Jackie with a large lesion of some type under his left arm. Looked really bad. I've watched it several times and it "looks" real. Now I've watched a bunch of illusionists at work and they can be convincing. I just would like to know if it is possible that this could be real and livable. Has any seen this kind of thing in real life? I've not been in caregiver facilities having spent 31 years in the mine. And heeerrrreee's Jackie.
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    I've seen more involved stuff.
    Hard to tell being fake and all that, but something approximating that that in real life would not be immediately life threatening.
    LOL It would however, be somewhat more annoying than the impression given.
    You would be surprised how badly someone can get wrecked and still live.
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    Real, no, liveable if it were real, yes.

    As NoTime pointed out, a wound that large would be pretty painful, and someone with it would be moving very gingerly. Not to mention, something that size would also require a dressing to keep it clean to avoid infection.

    As for liveable, the fake wound is made to look pretty superficial, like a big scrape. It would need medical treatment, but definitely liveable. If, as the storyline claimed, it had been a wound penetrating past the ribcage (no indication of that in the pictures, but that would be hard to do as a fake scar on a real person...you'd probably need to do that sort of special effect on a dummy, but I'm certainly no expert on special effects and make-up), the person would have a collapsed lung, but still could survive...in that case, he certainly wouldn't be sitting there talking and breathing normally though...he'd be transported to the ER pretty quickly.
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    OK. I accidently came on this makeup video. A realistic neck wound is constructed using a substance called Gel-10. Must be common in special effects industry. I can see now a similarity to Jackie Broyles wound.


    Special effects, cameras, and point-of-view equals realism.
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