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Is this graphics demo real?

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    Is this graphics demo real or fake?

    I don't think that any PC hardware exists capable of running this graphics engine, and probably won't for at least 10 years.
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    Its probably the real graphics engine but its not rendering the graphics in real-time as you would if you're playing the game. That will most likely have been pre-rendered which allows a lot more details to be calculated for each frame, bit like the way cgi in a movie is done.
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    Its a pre-render as are most teaser trailers for games. You won't get live rendering on games like that for another 5 to 10 years. Although that might be debatable.

    And in 10 years is only if its commercially worth while.
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    I read on another forum that within that time we will have real-time avatar-like graphics in PC games, and we will be processing terabyte data cubes while a high-end PC will be about the size of a shoebox.
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    That person failed to realise that higher end spec results in a hotter temperature, there is a limit to silicon computers.
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    What about terabyte-per-second memory transfer rates within five years?
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    I can't see there being a need for it on a home computer for a company to ever invest in selling such tech.
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    Today's best video game graphics will be like pac-man compared to what games might be like in 15-20 years.
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    This video is most likely a fake. Note that bethesdadevelopment has only four videos so far, and one of them is "the creation of Senchal City in Elsweyr" - I am almost sure I have seen it in the past not as an example of what Bethesda works on, but as an example of some new technology behind 3D rendering engines (edit: I believe it had something to do with the lights/shadows rendering, which is why you see shadows moving quite often in the video). The quality of both Senchal city video and the video posted as the first one in this thread suggest it is not an original, but something stolen and repacked again.
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