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Is this imposible?

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    Find the solutions of 5^x=2x+1 by ordinary methods? if it can´t be found by these ways, then prove that it's imposible.
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    It depends on what you mean by ordinary methods.

    By inspection, x=0.
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    but, there is other answer, how you find it?
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    The exponent ^5 is behind the X or after?
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    Ordinary method consists in studying the function y=(5^x)-(2x+1)
    This shows that two roots exist (one of them is obvious).
    Drawing the graph of the function allows to obtain a first approximate of the second root.
    Then, numerical computation leads to the value of the root, as accurate as we want. There are a lot of numerical methods : Newton-Raphson and many other...
    Analytical solving is outside the scope of ordinary methods. It requires the use of a special function : the Lambert W function.

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