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Is this language usage correct?

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    "A high 3He:4He ratio signifies..."
    I'm thinking that since the colon between the isotopes shows that it is a ratio already, using the word 'ratio' afterwards is a bit like writing PIN number. Is it acceptable to write it like this or should i get rid of the word 'ratio'?
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    To a mathematician, the word "ratio" might seem redundant, but the phrase scans better with the word included, IMO.
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    Ya I think the word ratio belongs.
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    I've always taken the colon in such applications to represent the word 'to', since that's the way it's spoken. In that case, the inclusion of the word 'ratio' is correct.
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    Or you could write it like this to avoid the redundancy but still keep it clear:

    "A high ratio 3He:4He signifies..."
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    I would prefer in a previous sentence to say once that 3He:4He is a ratio and not need to be redundant.
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    Brilliant. Thanks guys :)
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