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Medical Is this normal (about my eyes)

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    When I fold a little bit my eyes and I look at a luminous source (like a light bulb or a window if there's sun outside), I see many spherical shapes and sometimes shapes like wires. I'm nearsighted but strangely I see quite well how the shapes are defined. Furthermore when I move my eyes the same shapes appear, but sometime they move on and others take their place. So I'm guessing it's a problem of my eyes (I have the effects from both).
    The spherical shapes looks like red blood cells seen from an optical microscope but transparent.
    I've noticed this "problem" since about 3 years. Is that normal?
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    You've got eye floater.

    It's not normal if you have too many of them. There are several possible causes. Usually a sign of eye regression. You should see a doctor.

    I saw a man post in another webboard that he and his family can see dead people's soul floating around. And it turn out that he got eye floater symptom. :biggrin:
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    Well, everyone can often see the diffraction patterns of dust particles and lint in your tears when looking at a bright light, and squinting causes tears to collect on the cornea, which further distorts things. Also sometimes you can even get a glimpse of the retinal arteries if the light is extremely bright. Floaters can be darkish strands or blobs of various fuzziness, they do slosh a bit as you move your eyes, but mostly return to roughly their original position after the eyes hold still. Also, if its something on the surface of your eyes, then blinking will radically change the pattern. Blinking (while your eyes remain still) will not change how the floaters look. Floaters are common. I have some strands. I suppose the strands are a slow bleed that coagulated at one time.
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    Wow, thanks a lot to all.
    I wasn't aware of eye floaters. This is indeed what I have.
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